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Acudetox is a holistic way to assist in treating behavioral health and substance abuse issues by utilizing five acupuncture points in the ear. Specific conditions treated include, compulsive smoking, Physical and Emotional Trauma, Anxiety Disorders including PTSD, and Substance Use Disorders. The belief behind acudetox is that each of the major systems of the body has an energy point located on the surface of the ear. By balancing the systems most commonly associated with cravings, detox, and anxiety the following benefits have been reported: feeling better, less anxiety, improved motivation, stress reduction, improved coping, sense of connectedness, and easier withdrawal from substances.

Acudetox can be done in individual sessions or group settings. The only special consideration that needs to be taken throughout the day following the procedure is to increase water intake to assist the body with removing the detoxed chemicals. The procedure is safe enough that it can be performed daily.