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Let Innova be your soft place to fall. 

We make sure all our patients feel welcome, safe, and taken care of. Our dedication is to healing the whole self through wellness and educational programs. We design your treatment plan and goals around what works best for you. Your wellness is our priority. Additionally, we are here to help your loved ones who have been deeply affected by substance abuse. We highly encourage each client to take advantage of our family therapy options to help guide you and your loved ones to better understanding and brighter future. 


Our curriculum is an evidence based addiction program from SMART Recovery The program uses the latest research to help people recover from all types of addictions as well as addictive behaviors.  SMART Recovery is a 4-point program focused on helping clients not only build but also maintain motivation throughout treatment and beyond. This program equips clients with the ability to effectively manage thoughts, feelings, and behaviors associated with addiction.  


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"My experience at Innova Recovery Services has changed my life completely. I have struggled with severe addiction to alcohol, stimulants and other drugs since I was 17 years old. After two unsuccessful rehab attempts (the last one being in 2014) my life was in shambles two years later. At risk of losing it all, I decided to seek help once again. I finally got sober after my third visit to an inpatient rehab. After leaving the inpatient treatment I sought options that were SMART recovery based and found Innova Recovery services. The day I checked out of rehab, I started attending at Innova. Their expert staff not only welcomed me but also helped me create a customized treatment plan. I attended intensive outpatient therapy and graduated the program several months later. I truly believe that the only reason I was successful in my recovery this time is the follow through treatment facilitated by Innova. My therapist and the staff there created a safe, supportive, and enthusiastic environment that I could thrive in. I couldn’t have done it without them, Innova Recovery Services was instrumental in my success."  - Joe S.

“Welcoming, no judgement, free space to be who you are, a weight is lifted off when you leave, makes you feel that you are not alone in your recovery.”  - Kate R.

“The counselors are so kind and good at their jobs.  I leave every session feeling that I had an AHA!  moment and I have learned so much about myself.  Such a welcoming atmosphere and I made some amazing friends here”.  - Lori R.

“Not only has this placed helped me turn my life around, it feels so comfortable it is like a home away from home.  The entire staff genuinely cares about the clients and goes above and beyond.  This is the first programs I have tried that uses the SMART recovery program, but not my first outpatient program.  It is the best and most supportive recovery program I have ever tried.  They even serve dinner sometimes.  I will forever be grateful for Innova and the staff.  Thank you! - Zach T.

This has been an incredible experience.  Everyone has been so open and supportive.  My life has drastically changed since I’ve started this program.  I would recommend Innova to anyone who struggles with addictive behaviors. - Anna C.