Recover. Renew. Reclaim.

Intensive Outpatient Programs for Substance Abuse, Colorado

Intensive outpatient programs, substance abuse counseling, mental health services and DUI education in Colorado Springs, Monument, Palmer Lake, Southern Colorado

A Sober Colorado

Innova was started with the intention to fill a need in the community. With the rise of addiction in Southern Colorado it was obvious that something needed to be done to help those who have gone to rehab, but now needed continued support to maintain their sobriety. They did not need just some class or weekly group meeting, although those can be helpful. They needed a place where they could start to truley grab ahold of their recovery, learn the tools to true renewal and reclaim their lives.

Filling the gap

The lack of intensive outpatient facilities in the area only helped to feed the cycle of being in and out of rehab. It was time to start to heal Colorado, starting with a small corner on Southern Colorado - so, that is what Innova is doing. The idea behind it all is RENEWAL; renewing a community and bringing to light that addiction can be healed and conquered.

Innova offers each client:

  • Individualized treatment and therapy to fit their needs

  • A non-judgmental environment and the respect that they deserve and feel like they have lost

  • Treatment of the whole person, not just the addiction

  • Several different treatment modalities

  • Holistic approaches, as well as medicated assisted treatment

    Innova Offers A soft place to fall

Innova Recovery Services

My experience at Innova Recovery Services has changed my life completely. I have struggled with severe addiction to alcohol, stimulants and other drugs since I was 17 years old. After two unsuccessful rehab attempts (the last one being in 2014) my life was in shambles two years later. At risk of losing it all, I decided to seek help once again. I finally got sober after my third visit to an inpatient rehab. After leaving the inpatient treatment I sought options that were SMART recovery based and found Innova Recovery services. The day I checked out of rehab, I started attending at Innova. Their expert staff not only welcomed me but also helped me create a customized treatment plan. I attended intensive outpatient therapy and graduated the program several months later. I truly believe that the only reason I was successful in my recovery this time is the follow through treatment facilitated by Innova. My therapist and the staff there created a safe, supportive, and enthusiastic environment that I could thrive in. I couldn’t have done it without them, Innova Recovery Services was instrumental in my success.
— Joe S.

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